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Lead Flashing is the point where a flat roof or pitched roof meets the surrounding brickwork. It's main advantage is that it can be shaped and flat formed to the shaped profile of the roof surface. It is extremely durable although it can be lifted and torn in very extreme weather. Professional fixed lead work can last up to 100 years or more. Our lead work ranges from complete roofs, lead valley gutters, dormer windows and step flashings. We are skilled in the removal, rebuilding and restoration of chimney stacks and parapet walls, also repointing, rendering, chimney capping or chimney pot replacement.

Damaged or worn out flashing will allow water penetration. On-going leakage wets the roof structure and can leak onto the ceiling areas causing rot, staining and structural deteriation. 1st Choice Roofing & Building Contractors will identify poor roof flashing and perform repair and replacement before worn out or damaged flashing can start to cause these kind of problems.